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Is there a way to preserve section-specific due dates and assignments during course copy?

Question asked by Linnea Thompson on Jul 2, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2018 by Linnea Thompson

I have a math class with a "regular" track and an "accelerated" track. The "regular" track, in general, has one major topic a week and gets through the 7th grade standards for the subject, and the "accelerated" track has two major topics a week and gets through both the 7th grade and 8th grade standards. (This is somewhat of a simplification, but works for the actual question I have.)


In Canvas, we've been managing this with both tracks in different sections in the same Canvas course. (This makes it easier for students to move between tracks during the year if they get overwhelmed and need to move down or discover that they have time and would like a challenge and move up.) Each section has different due dates for pretty much all assignments all year long. (I put the "accelerated" assignments in a big lump on a weekend for the "regular" students, and they know they can try them if they finish early and choose to. Accelerated students get them intermingled with the regular lessons during the school week.) (Prior to using Canvas, I just gave all of the students a list of when things were due for their track and didn't use the due date options in my old LMS but rather left everything dateless.)


Sadly, this seems to mean that I have to re-input an entire year's worth of section-specific dates each year since only the "everyone" dates seem to carry over. Is there a better way? I have handwritten notes of exactly when to schedule everything into, but it's still a lot of clicking.