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Changing an Email Associated with an Account

Question asked by Katie Duggan on Jul 3, 2018
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Hello Everyone,

I currently work for a nursing school where we have recently switched to Canvas in order to use the program Simchart. Many of our students are adult learners and are often learning computer skills while in the program. One of the biggest problems I have currently is students logging out of their accounts after use. While registering our newest class for Canvas, two students where accidentally signed in under two upperclassmen student's accounts (because they didn't sign out after using the computer). They accepted their invitation to join the class but they did so under the upperclassmen's accounts tying underclassmen email to the upperclassmen's canvas account. I can not see a way to release those emails on my end and I was wondering if there was a way to release the emails at all. Or will the underclassmen student have create brand new emails just for Canvas?


Thank you for any help.