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Is it possible to separate sections in discussions using threaded replies but still use "Users must post before seeing replies"?

Question asked by Max Gorham on Jul 9, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2018 by Kyle Lehman

Basically what I said above. I want my students to see the discussions from other classes, but I want their initial post to be grouped with the others from their class (thus making it easier to grade). My thought to make this happen was to have the discussion prompt as the initial post and then to make a reply to that post for each of my sections. Allowing threaded discussions, students would then reply to the prompt as a reply in the appropriate place. The problem with this is that I also want to use the aforementioned feature: "Users must post before seeing replies". If I enable this feature they won't be able to see the replies I created to the prompt to divide them by section. Anyone know if there is a way around this or a better way to group discussion responses by section?