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Exporting into Eduphoria?

Question asked by Max Gorham on Jul 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2018 by Kona Jones

I am using the free version of Canvas to create a blended classroom for my high school World History classes. My district also uses Aware, an app that is part of Eduphoria, to do data analysis and generate admin/teacher reports. I would like to use the Canvas quiz feature to create and administer assessments but I will need a way to take the assessments and upload the data into Aware. I've been trying to do my homework and figure out the conversion process myself but I'm still unsure. I know there are numerous articles on downloading Canvas quiz results but I need a little supplemental clarification. Ideally someone would be able to tell me a step by step process for uploading Canvas quizzes into Aware, but I'll settle for any help I can get. Thanks!


These are the website I have been using to try and figure this out:

  1. Uploading Test Files in Aware
  2. Importing Test Scores
  3. Exporting Quiz Submissions (the problem here is I know very little about APIs and have ZERO coding experience)