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Class Notebook LTI and Rich Content Editor

Question asked by CHRISTIAN J RENOE on Jul 9, 2018
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Good Morning Beautiful People,


I am almost done testing out the Class Notebook LTI for our university but have been coming across a stumbling block with attempting to use the class notebook in the RCE in Canvas.


When I create a page, the button is there for Class Notebook, which then takes me to the class notebook management page.  From there I can access the correct notebook, but cannot find a way to then import a selected page into Canvas.  I added a couple screenshots just in case I am being a little confusing.  If there are any specific spots in the class notebook itself you would like a screenshot of just let me know.


I have mapped the class notebook to this Canvas course, and it is allowing me to create other content (such as assignments) which are feeding correctly into our class.


Thank you and have a great day!


Chris R


Class Notebook RCE button.

Class notebook management page.