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Searching for users

Question asked by Gerald Q. Maguire on Jul 9, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2018 by Gerald Q. Maguire

I know that using the Admin interface one can search for users by name (as described at ). I also know that one can look up users via the API using their SIS ID, as shown at Looking up a user in Canvas: Chip sandbox 


However, how does a teacher (who is not an administrator) easily look up a student to find which of their Canvas courses the student is in?


Context: I get an e-mail from a student who says: "I finally finished my final assignment for IK1552 (one of the course codes that are associated with a course that I am responsible for) see the attached PDF file." Or they say: "Can I change the topic of my paper to XXXXX?"


Problem: The student may be in the instance of this course that I am teaching this term. Alternatively, they could be in the instance of this course that I taught two or N years ago. [For nearly all of the courses that I work with the student has a nearly unbounded amount of time to finish the course. Additionally, they can do so under the rules in effect when the course that they enrolled in was taught - even if this was 5 years earlier. However, what they submit has to be acceptable in terms of actual content at the time it is submitted.]


Some solutions:

  • Force the students to do all of their submissions via the Canvas course they were first/last enrolled in.
  • Force the students to send a message via the Canvas course.
  • Search for the student in Canvas (as an Admin or using their SIS ID as described above)
  • Iteratively search each of the courses I'm involved with until I find them
  • Look in another administrative system and see when the student was registered for the course and then try to guess (or interatively search) which course instance taking place at that time the student is in

What do others do?


Is there some obvious solution that I am missing?