Joel (LMA) Brown

How to Market Canvas to Internal Staff/Contractors?

Discussion created by Joel (LMA) Brown on Jul 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2018 by Bobby Pedersen

I've read a few great posts about the importance of marketing canvas as you roll out a transition, one excellent dot point strategy byKona Jones (Canvas Marketing Strategy ) and a few other interesting tips/tricks but I wanted to ask what kind of marketing content everyone has used to target internal staff and bring them onboard and comfortable with Canvas as a new platform.

Aside from training sessions, meetings, feedback/evaluation discussions etc, has anyone had any evidential success with more traditional marketing techniques to engage and excite staff?


Posters, coffee mugs, email newsletters, Competitions (sample courses with prizes), anything that is not necessarily about education on the platform but building familiarity with the product and hopefully, excitement for a change in technology.


Id love to hear everyone's ideas and success stories.