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Google Classroom Comparisons

Discussion created by Lisa Risch on Jul 9, 2018
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I have several teachers still reluctant to move to Canvas because of several features they love in Google Classoom - including the ability to see and monitor student assignments while in progress - without submitting and resubmitting. I'm hoping collaborations might help that, but I know it's not the best answer for them. I am also worried about the new features coming to Classroom in August, which make this platform more and more like a full blown LMS. Google Classroom updates


So....I'm doing some PD this summer and want to highlight what makes Canvas better than Google Classroom - specifically for beginner users. My list so far includes:

Speedgrader and Rubrics

Video and Audio embedding for Assignments and Assignment feedback

Canvas Student and Teacher Apps

LTI Tool Embedding

Discussion Threads.


Any other thoughts would be appreciated! Not sure who else best to tag. Thanks!