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NVNT700.1 Teacher Project

Question asked by Pogos Halajyan on Jul 11, 2018
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To whom it may concern,

 I am doing the NVNT700.1 Comprehensive Project and I needed some clarification of what I needed to do, it states:


As you have learned in this course, teachers serve as role models and your conduct, both on and off the job, can significantly impact your professional image.  In this project, you are to research ways to protect yourself from false accusations, and write a 2-page reflection page.  Read the short article Preview the documentfrom Northwest Professional Educators.  The article identifies 14 steps a teacher should take to limit opportunities for allegations of misconduct. 


For each of the 14 steps, you are to:

  • Identify the possible violation
  • Identify the standard of professional behavior the action violates
  • Provide justification for your selection of the standard


Do you do both a 2 page reflection page then do the 14 steps?



Thank you,

-Pogos Halajyan