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Using Discussion for Submitting Assignment

Discussion created by Ellen B Cutler on Jul 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2018 by Kona Jones

I am trying to devise an assignment and am not sure how to make it work and get it graded both.


The idea is using collecting "Jeopardy" style questions/answers that students write based on the readings and their research. Each student would submit a minimum of one (1) question per week based on assigned readings. I will grade the submissions using some kind of rubric.


But here is the wrinkle: I don't really know how to structure this. I think I'd like them to see the questions already submitted before they submit their own so that I don't get a lot of too-similar questions. If each submits a question in a sort of essay format, on a metaphorical or digital piece of paper, I'm going to have 20-odd questions each week, each on its own sheet of paper.


So I was thinking about the Discussion format. Might this work in your much better informed opinions? And can I still set up a rubric so that I can grade the questions? 


The rubric would check the following:

source/reading from which question was taken

correct formatting of question and answer

correctness of information stated or implied in question/answer

quality/importance of information stated or implied in question/answer.


On our last meeting, we will actually play Jeopardy, using these questions. (I obviously will pitch in more questions.) My pedagogical goal is that they will have done readings more carefully in order to create questions; they will have encountered questions created by their peers all semester; and that playing the game will help secure the information in their minds--and maybe be fun.


Anybody have any thoughts? Thanks so much.