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Gradebook Export: So Many Columns??

Question asked by Aaron Bahmer on Jul 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2019 by Nancy Webb

I just spoke with a faculty member who had exported her gradebook and was viewing in Excel. She was interested to know if she had made some setting somewhere that was causing (essentially) multiple columns of the same information. Of course, she knows she can delete the columns from the spreadsheet.


For example, even without assignment groups, she sees these 6 columns when 2 (highlighted) would be sufficient. I'm assuming with many assignment groups, this list would be 6x longer for each assignment group.

Assignments Current PointsAssignments Final PointsAssignments Current ScoreAssignments Unposted Current ScoreAssignments Final ScoreAssignments Unposted Final Score


Then for final score/grade, these 6 columns when 2 would be sufficient:

Current PointsFinal PointsCurrent ScoreUnposted Current ScoreFinal ScoreUnposted Final Score


And, one more set when a grading scheme is applied to the class:

Current GradeUnposted Current GradeFinal GradeUnposted Final Grade


Can someone please explain the source and purpose of the "unposted" columns? -- they are not "muted" in the gradebook.


Related to the "current" vs "final" columns, perhaps just a better sequence that groups the currents together and the finals together would be easier to read/interpret, etc.


Thoughts? Thanks!


[Edit to use proper terminology: assignment groups]