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Setting a radius for exams

Discussion created by Debra Ragland on Jul 19, 2018
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How do you ensure students are actually in class during exams? I teach very large class (2 sections of 150 students each) and I think I do as much as I can to prevent cheating but this question still lingers in the back of my mind. My exams have filtered IP addresses and require an access code + lockdown browser. Theoretically, as long as the students are on campus (logged on to the appropriate wifi or LAN connection) they do not have to be in the class. They're friends can just send them the access code (even though they should not have their cell phones by the time the access code is given). It's very hard to monitor this many students. Is there a feature in Canvas that would allow a perimeter/radius to be set to ensure that the students have to be in the class? For instance, with the clicker system I use, students have to be within a specified area to ensure their polling results are received. Is there something like this in canvas? Unfortunately, there's not a computer lab large enough to accommodate all the students in each section, I mention this because then they would at least have to all be on a LAN connection to take their exams. I hope this makes sense. Any help/insight is appreciated. I would really hate to go back to paper exams+scantrons.