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Copy modules to other course; to other dashboard

Question asked by Gordon Middleton on Jul 23, 2018
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Q1. I have been working on setting up my INT303 class in CANVAS for this Fall semester and am about there. I've discovered that IT (or CANVAS Admin?) has set up a duplicate course offering in my Dashboard for a course, INT303 Sect 01. Since I'm assuming all the admin to load registered students, etc will be pointing to this Section 01 version, how do I move my various modules over into that Section 01 version of the course? FYI, nothing has been published, yet.


Q2. I am also working with a new adjunct to teach a Section 02 of the same INT303 course. How can we copy the modules from my Section 01 to her Section 02 Dashboard, so she doesn't have to manually recreate all of them?