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Generated formula variables

Question asked by Gunnar Larsson on Jul 20, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2019 by James Jones



I just started working with Canvas and really like being able to write questions with answers calculated based on a formula!


However, I quite often run into the problem that some of the generated question is not realistic/physically possible because there might be other restrictions than just for an individual variable.


As an example,I want the students to calculated the energy content of a gas mixture of (as an example): CO, CO2, H2 and H2O. Preferably the four gases should constitute 100 % (and certainly not more). I can make sure that the total is not more than 100 % by setting the maximum for each gas to 25 %, but then most generated gas mixtures will contain a total that is less than 100 %. In other cases the restrictions might be more complex.


Is there any way to edit or delete the generated questions so that the students are only shown realistic questions?