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Emulating calculation of last_activity_at in enrollment_dim with Requests... (for weekly engagement reporting)

Discussion created by Jago Brown on Jul 20, 2018
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We want to retrospectively calculate the last activity for each week of the 2017 academic year (within defined canvas terms) - so starting back in October 2017.


I'm thinking this might be possible to calculate with the requests data, if we knew the queries that are run to generate the enrollment_dim table? 




(being a bit slow waking up today)

So presumably "enrollment_dim" is close to a dump or the Enrollments API (Enrollments - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation ) and how "last_activity_at" is calculated can be seen in the Canvas ruby source code.

So my question is really does anyone have a script to emulate calculating "last_activity_at" from CanvasData i.e drawling through requests?


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