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Concluding a user (not the whole course)

Question asked by MLentini on Jun 30, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2017 by Karla Huntsman

I'm trying to work out the impacts of concluding users instead of courses. The scenario is an open enrollment course that we expect people will finish in a few weeks (and that some will bridge between regular terms), so term dates and a whole-course-conclude don't work well.


What I think happens, based on the Conclude an enrollment guide and a few posts here, is:

  • The concluded student can view the course read-only. No submit, participate, or email.
  • Analytics on that student are still available.
  • The student can still be found by the instructor (At People/right menu/“View Prior Enrollments")
  • Grades are visible to both instructor and student, but can’t be changed (Gear menu/Gradebook settings, Show concluded enrollments)


There are two questions that I haven't figured out yet:

  • Does the student still receive notifications, announcements, or other messages from the course? (For instance, if the instructor sends an all-class email.)
  • How does the course appear in the student's course list (if at all)?


And this may break the one-subject rule, but here goes... Is there a relatively easy way to have the course disappear from a single student's course list entirely? I can think of some section hackery, where we move the student from the "active" section to one where the end-of-term date is set for last year, but I'm hoping the hive mind has maybe cooked up something easier.


Thanks all!