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Easily changing the typeface for a span of text within a paragraph

Question asked by Roger Hagy on Jul 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2018 by James Jones

As a computer science teacher, I frequently need to differentiate programming code from everyday English on my content pages. For blocks of code, I can use the "preformatted" option, and that works wonderfully.


However, within normal paragraphs, I sometimes need to change the font/typeface of a coding word to Courier. This helps students easily realize when reading the paragraph that some words are actual programming code. I know that I can go into the HTML view and change the font for that word within the HTML code. Sure, that works. However, that's incredibly cumbersome when I have to do it 50 times.


I also know that I can copy/paste/retype words previously formatted in Courier throughout the document as a "workaround," but that's also incredibly cumbersome.


Is there any way to access a dropdown for the RCE that allows me to change spans of text to a different typeface, such as Courier? Or can this feature be added, please? I can't imagine I'm the only computer science teacher who is frustrated by this.


Any help is appreciated!