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Getting questions for a quiz

Question asked by Naveen N on Jul 24, 2018
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I am trying to get the questions for a quiz from Canvas API and seeing some unexpected behavior.

Has anyone had similar kind of issue? If so, any clue on how to get this working?


Details below:


Following is the API example that I was referring to.


First I am getting all the quizzes via the this API:

https://<<domain URI>>/api/v1/courses/467/quizzes


Based on the quiz ID from the above API, I am calling the following API to get the questions.

 https://<<domain URI>>/api/v1/courses/467/quizzes/<<Quiz_Id>>/questions


I am getting data for the following quiz:


"id": 3072,

"title": "Knowledge Check – Week 1",


NOT getting the questions for :


        "id": 3067,

        "title": "Quiz – Week 6",


        "id": 3066,

        "title": "Quiz – Week 4",


        "id": 3069,

        "title": "Quiz – Week 2",


        "id": 3071,

        "title": "Knowledge Check – Week 5",


Note: The way these quizzes are setup are alike except for the number of questions.