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Outcome report doesn't match learning mastery grade

Question asked by Patricia Walsh on Jul 1, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2015 by Patricia Walsh

I'm hoping someone can tell me how to set this up correctly.


1. I have a quiz which uses a question bank. The question bank is tied to an outcome. When a student takes the quiz, the grade in the learning mastery gradebook says 0/3 for that outcome. Meaning, they didn't get a high enough percentage on the questions in that part of the quiz to get the mastery level. When I look at the outcome report by clicking on the student name under "People" (why can't I also do this from the gradebook???), the outcome says 3/3 for that same outcome. Why?


2. I set up two almost identical outcomes with the same mastery cutoff (50%). One was with "latest score" as the grading and the other was "highest score" for the grading. The "latest score" outcome is showing as 0/3 and the "highest score" outcome is 3/3. They are both attached to the same question bank and on the same quiz. The student only took the quiz once. What's happening there?


3. If I say that "3" means mastered but the criterion for that outcome has options for 0-4, what would cause Canvas to give a student something other than 3 or 0?  Right now it looks like if I set the mastery cutoff for a question bank at a certain percent, above that percent is 3 (mastery) and below that is 0. It would certainly be nice to set up something a little more granular so someone who tests at some range below the cutoff percent would get a 2, for example.


4. How are outcome criterion scores (in my case, 0-4) related to points on quizzes/assignments/questions/question banks/whatever? I'd really like some detailed documentation of how this all works. I used all the info I could find in the community.


I have to say I am really struggling with the outcomes. I use standards-based grades in one of my math courses. I never give percentage grades. I'd really love for there to be a way to skip having points on things entirely.