f l

Newly introduced Permissions Bug?

Discussion created by f l on Jul 27, 2018

I'm having trouble with the new permissions.  I had the setting Users - view login IDs turned on for TAs.  But i went in to check something and i turned it off.  This worked, because if i'm logged in as a TA, i no longer see the Login ID column on the people page for a course.


However, if i turn the setting back on - enabling the  setting - then the login id doesn't show up again on the people page for a course.  The setting shows as enable in the admin page, but it doesn't appear to actually enable the setting.


Full disclosure: i discovered this issue when looking into an application that uses the API.  The API permissions are tied to the user, and the login_id field isn't coming back in the API as well.  But i figured it'd be easier for people to see via the UI.