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Integrating Quiz Groups in a Final Exam

Question asked by Rick Erickson on Jul 26, 2018
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So, I understand how to create quiz banks and groups to randomize questions for a single quiz.  This is a review course that we have spent a lot of time creating the quiz banks.  For the final exam I am pulling multiple questions from each quiz (question) bank to the final exam.  My question is this, can I randomize the quiz banks into the final exam?  To try to explain what I am doing as an example:  We are pulling 5 questions from quiz 1, 5 questions from quiz 2 and 5 questions from quiz 3.  When we do that into the final exam, it puts those in order.  What I would like to do is question 1 is from quiz 1, question 2 is from quiz 3, question 3 is from quiz 1, question 4 is from quiz 2, etc.  Any idea on how to do this simply?  Thanks for any help!