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Quickmarks annotations from Turnitin

Question asked by admin_klbecke1 on Jul 26, 2018



Does anyone out there work with TurnitIn and annotated comments? I have a faculty member inquiring about Quickmarks and Adobe Reader. (see his question below). Do Turnitin annotated comments not work in Adobe Reader? I have no knowledge on this wondering if there is anyone out there that could assist? 


Hi, The annotated comments download does not work in Acrobat Reader like it did before, at least for me. Previously, after downloading the PDF one could hover over a Quickmarks button and the content of that Quickmark would appear. Now it does not. I'm not sure if this is because I don't have a setting correct in Acrobat Reader, or if indeed, has made changes that permit viewing the annotated comments only in their Feedback studio window. Could you confirm one way or the other?