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Trust Relationships between Accounts

Question asked by Kavika Karshan on Jul 29, 2018
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We are in the exploration/experimentation stage of how "trust relationship" works between accounts.


We need to know has any Universiy implemented a 'trust relationship' between two Canvas instances.

So in our case we have one Canvas instance that we use for delivery of training (MYUNI) to Uni students and second instance (CATALOG CANVAS) that we use for Catalog users. 


We want a way in which the we can enable MYUNI students to enrol into Catalog courses via the self-enrolment process without them having to manually create a separate account. We also want this course to appear in MYUNI as a course they are enrolled in.


Here is some doco on how 'Trust' works and can be set-up between two instances:
Its very vague/high-level and unclear around how it works from an implementation perspective.


Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Best regards,

Chetan and Kavika

The University of Adelaide