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?include[]=term for List Courses for a User behaving inconsistently

Question asked by Jerry Causby on Jul 31, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2018 by James Jones

Hello fellow Devs,


I've been doing integration work on our universities lecture capture system.  While using the API to List Courses for a User and including the term parameter, I get back the terms successfully, however the start_at field for all of the courses are null.  When using Get a Single Course while including term it does successfully return the start_at field.  Also, when I List Enrollment Terms I also get the correct start_at field.  I've attached screenshots of the data retrieved from these calls.  I've currently got a ticket logged with our Canvas support team to look into this issue.


List Enrollment Terms


Get a Single Course (not related to user)


List courses for a user:


So, my main question is have anyone had to deal with something like this?  I assume this might be a bug, but am I missing something?  Is there some sort of inheritance that would lend itself to overwriting the start_at field on the List Courses for a User level instead of the Get a Single Course level?






I've added green boxes around the course start/end date.  If those were available, I wouldn't even have to worry about the terms.  Hopefully I can get an answer from the migration team on why they don't exist in the first place.  Thanks everyone!