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Add students to my course.

Question asked by Stuart McArthur on Jul 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2018 by Randy Orwin

Hello, I have opened a Canvas account as a teacher and I know how to create a course. I don't understand how to add students to my course though.

1. Do I have to register student names and Google Education email addresses? I think I have done this in 'Add Students'.

2. Do I then go to Settings and then 'More options' and check , send URL to enrol in the course? I think so.

3. Then if a student follows that link, what do they do? What passwordor sign in do they use?


For example, if I add      Steven B.............  with an email of StevenB............@education..................

in the Add Students section and Steven follows the course link, what will he be required to do in order to access the course?

Any help will be gratefully received especially step by step. Thanls very much. Stuart#