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Peer review assignment or discussion?

Question asked by Katie Venit on Jul 30, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2018 by Randy Orwin

First I'll describe the assignment as it is in D2L (which is where the course last ran). Then, please tell me whether you think this would work as a peer review discussion, PR assignment, or whether I should keep it as a regular discussion. I'm new to Canvas and don't know the quirks of PR. Thanks! 


In D2L: students in a business communication course have a series of messages they need to write. First, they submit their rough draft of the messages to their small groups, along with some short responses to some planning questions (who's your audience, what's your level or formality, etc). They submit these messages and the answers to the questions in the body of the discussions, not as attachments. Then, each person has to read all the rough drafts of everyone in their small group and say, with a word limit, one thing they liked about the groupmate's submission and one thing they think could be improved. Their performance in leaving feedback is evaluated using the same discussion rubric used for all discussions (original post is so many words, responses are so many words, grammar is professional, on time, etc). Students then revise their own message and submit to the D2L dropbox for instructor evaluation. 


  1. Do you think this is something that would work in either PR discussions and assignments? If so, which? I don't need this to be anonymous. 
  2. How would the instructor grade the REVIEWER'S performance?
  3. Could the instructor leave specific directions to leave written feedback RATHER than use a rubric, which doesn't seem to work in this class? (has been tried before, students just click the full credit box)
  4. How would all this interact with the gradebook?



  • This activity must be graded
  • must allow students to enter written responses and not clicking on a rubric
  • students must be able to review 4-5 other students' work
  • Instructor must be able to see rough drafts and reviews very easily


Thanks, I really appreciate any advice.