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API Create User problem

Question asked by Jeremiah Ellington on Aug 1, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2018 by James Jones



I seem to have run in to a snag when I create users in our canvas account and I'm hoping the group can lead me in the right direction. My problem is that I CAN create accounts through the canvas API but ALL of the fields are populated with the pseudonym unique_id.
I'm attempting to create a sample user by sending this json:
{"name":{"name":"Cpt. Ultron","sortable_name":"Ultron, Captain"},"pseudonym":{"unique_id":"ultron1"},"communication_channel":{"address":"","skip_confirmation":"true"}}

to this api uri:



and when I check the user that is created I see:

Full Name:ultron1
Display Name:ultron1
Sortable Name:ultron1


Please let me know if you would need any other information to help figure out what is going on here!


Thank you,

Jeremiah Ellington

Holy Names University

Oakland, Ca.