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Masking links from the Course Link Validator.

Question asked by Meredith Munger on Jul 31, 2018
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Soooo... I am working on sprucing up the main template for the school I am working at. I've done lots of things to help improve the experience for faculty, and one of the last issues I have is this:


My broken unbroken links









We have a course all instructors are signed up to for with Canvas tips/training and some (4) of the links we have in our template link out to this course. I want a way to hide or mask these "unresponsive links" so that the Course Link Validator doesn't pick them up. I want faculty to be able to fix their links without worrying about these ones. I was in chat for a long period of time and the suggestion was to bring this content into the course.


C'mon guys, there has to be another way.

How can I hide or change these links so they don't read in the Validator?