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Setting the correct answer to multiple dropdown question via API

Question asked by Eric Bumbalough on Aug 1, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2018 by Eric Bumbalough

I have a large number of multiple dropdown quiz questions I'd like to create through the API to speed the process up. I'm able to get everything else to work except marking the correct answer. Below is a minimal example of JSON and a screenshot of the result.


Any help is greatly appreciated.


myq = {
   "question": {
      "question_type": "multiple_dropdowns_question",
      "question_text": "[1]",
      "answers": [{
         "text": "Wrong",
         "blank_id": "1",
         "weight": 0.0
      }, {
         "text": "Right",
         "blank_id": "1",
         "weight": 100.0

Screenshot of quiz question