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Migrated from Moodle - Course site has duplicate files

Question asked by Brendan Gallagher on Aug 1, 2018
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Good afternoon,


We've recently migrated our courses from Moodle to Canvas. We had been using Moodle for a number of years and some courses are quite large, having numerous PDFs, Word docs, Powerpoints, Images, etc. A couple of the courses that we imported contain up to 100+ duplicate files. I know that I can download all of the files by using CTRL+A and selecting Download. If I download all the files, delete the duplicates, erase all the files from Canvas, and import the the files without the duplicates, will Canvas repair the broken links to the files imported as long as the filenames haven't changed?


Let me know if I need to provide further clarification.


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Brendan Gallagher

University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine

Educational Technology