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File Preview: Continuous Spinning Circle

Question asked by Chelsea Phillip on Aug 2, 2018
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I have figured out how to imbed a link on my Canvas page so that is automatically viewable without having to download the content. When I go into the Student View mode on Canvas, a blue spinning circle appears as if Canvas is waiting to load the document. Here are the steps I used to imbed the link and make it automatically appear on my Canvas site:


1. Created a new Canvas site

2. Added 5 Modules to the site #

3. Added Assignments to each Module

4. Edited the Assignment by using the "Rich Content Editor" to add a file to the Assignment

5. Linked the URL by clicking on the file name highlighted blue, then clicking on the "Link URL" icon and selecting: " Auto-open the inline preview for this link" and updating the link


After completing these steps the blue spinning circle appears while Canvas tries to load the file in the automatic "file preview" mode.


Is there another way to add a file so that it atomically appears when a student clicks on the Assignment title?