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Access Report not tracking students' engagement with video files

Question asked by Ellen LeClere on Aug 1, 2018
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I'm teaching a course currently in which I want to gather data about student engagement with specific files - for example, lectures that I upload as .mp4 video files. Directions for additional assignments are embedded in these videos to prompt students to watch the videos.


I found it interesting to note that students who are clearly watching these videos (i.e. responding to questions that were posed in the lecture videos) are not tracked as such in Canvas.


For example, here are some anonymized data from a student's Canvas Access Report. According to this report, they have only watched two videos out of seven total lecture videos:

I've also used the Firefox extension TamperMonkey and run the Access Report Data user script written by James Jones. These are data from the same student, which also indicate the student has only clicked on two of seven videos.


My question is - am I analyzing the data incorrectly? As far as I can tell, there's no student work-around for NOT viewing the videos and still being able to participate fully in other course assignments, given that I give the instructions for the week in the videos.* According to these reports, students are overwhelmingly not accessing the video files.


A few possibly related details -

  • Many students have told me they access the videos and much of the course content via mobile device. Would this have any impact on the course analytics as they are presented in Canvas / Access Report Data user script?
  • How significant is it that I have organized the course videos as .mp4 attachments instead of embedding them within a third-party app like Vimeo or Canvas's own Media Gallery? Is there an easy fix that is related to course organization?


* I haven't eliminated the possibility that students truly aren't engaging with my videos... which would be disheartening. Given the student feedback I've received and the way I've set up the videos to present relevant course information, it seems unlikely that this is the full picture.