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assigning points in weighted grades

Question asked by Ellen B Cutler on Aug 3, 2018
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I may be missing a piece of math here...


I set up my gradebook to be weighted. Quizzes are 30%, Research project is 40%, Jeopardy questions are 20%, Jeopardy game is 5% and museum visit is 5%. That all adds up to 100%. So far so good.


Some things, like quizzes, will be graded on 100 pts each. Other things, elements of the research project for instance, will be graded on 50 pts each. Each Jeopardy question is graded on 10 points.


Does this matter in the final weighting? Or is there some magic algorithm that adjusts everything category average to a scale of 100 and then weights things for the final number?


Appreciate any clarification. Cheers folks.  Ellen