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How can I facilitate instructors seeing students' work in multiple courses?

Discussion created by Ashley Potyondy-Edens on Aug 3, 2018
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We use Canvas in a high school setting. We have a series of cross-curricular introductory assignments that we would like all teachers to be able to view. For example, Student A does an intro life timeline in history class, a life narrative in English, and "my life in numbers" assignment in math. We would like the math teacher, history teacher, and English teacher to be able to view all three assignments (or even just a photo of the paper assignments). I looked into the ePortfolio in Canvas as an option, but it looks like each individual student would need to grab these intro assignments and build the portfolio themselves (not to mention send a URL link to the ePortfolio to each of the teachers). Is there a more streamlined way to do this that doesn't involve each student emailing a URL to each teacher? Thank you so much!