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Final Grade Discrepancy

Question asked by N Gnzlnjc on Aug 4, 2018
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Hello all


I am concerned my students are seeing a higher grade than I am within Canvas. First I will describe the steps that caused me to observe the problem then I will list off several examples of the grade discrepancy. Finally, I will share what I think the problem may be. I would really appreciate some insight into this issue!


(1) How I notice the problem
A student emailed me recently asking me if I could give them a D (they earned an F) in a summer course they took from me. I clicked on the grade book, searched for their name, then clicked on their name. A small bar came in on the right of the screen with a breakdown of different assignments. I clicked on the boxed "Grades" so I could take a screenshot, attach it to an email then explain how they grade of F was earned. The (anonymous) screenshot is attached below. 



After I sent the email, I noticed that the final percentage I see (in the Default Gradebook View) is different. It is a 37.87% (which is much more justifiably an F). (I had to write a second email to this student explaining the discrepancy.)


(2) Here are a few more examples, not all as extreme as the one above. I base final grades on the Default Gradebook Total since I download the CSV file at the end of every semester.

STUDENT A   Sidebar percentage: 98.03%      Default Gradebook "Total" percentage: 93.66%

STUDENT B   Sidebar percentage: 84.8%        Default Gradebook "Total" percentage: 78.05%

STUDENT C   Sidebar percentage: 70.34%      Default Gradebook "Total" percentage: 65.47%


(3) Below is what I think is the cause of this problem

The original student (that brought this glitch to my attention) did not submit any of the required quizzes. There were 100 points total distributed evenly amongst five quizzes. The quiz category is worth 15% of the overall grade. The screenshot is showing 0/0 for their quiz score is incorrect. It should read 0/100 for the quiz score.


And in case this question arises, I do use "Treat ungraded as 0."


Additionally, here are the grade category weights: 

WebAssign: 15%

Lab Assignments: 15%

Quizzes: 15%

Midterms: 30%

Final Exam: 30%


Practice exams and extra credit are not counted towards the final grade. I have a non-canvas algorithm I use to determine what amount of credit students get for those assignment and I add that amount to student scores (for example, a student may earn some credit towards an exam so the grade they see on canvas is what they earned plus the extra credit).


Finally, when I use "Individual View" the overall grade percentage I see does match up with the "Default Gradebook" view in Canvas. 


TLDR: I am concerned students are seeing a higher overall course grade percentage than I am when viewing their overall grades in Canvas. 


Thank you in advance for any help and/or insight you are able to provide.