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"use this rubric for assignment grading

Question asked by Ellen B Cutler on Aug 4, 2018
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I have never used rubrics inside Canvas before. Am confused about the group of boxes, below the rubric, on of which says "use this rubric for assignment grading".



This is one of my rubrics. Do I need to check "use this rubric for assignment grading"? What is the difference between checking it and not checking it? My desire is that students will submit the assignment and that I will use the rubric to grade it and that the grade will appear in the gradebook. So if I have attached a rubric do I ALSO have to tell Canvas to use it???


And a follow-up question. I set up an assignment where I use the same rubric for every submission. When i try to edit the rubric, it won't let me because it has been attached to more than one assignment. Is this going to be a problem?

Thanks for your help. There's a whole heap of little details that just don't make sense to me.