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Ability to create a master quick links object & use on multiple pages?

Question asked by Mimi Wong on Aug 6, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2018 by Mimi Wong

I'm new to Canvas and have discovered many cool things about Canvas that couldn't be done in our old LMS.    As I'm gearing up for Fall semester, I'd like to create quick links on the top of each page (see below image)


I've created 15+ pages already and have copied the above quick links to each page.   Then I realized that I also wanted to add a quick link called "Help"  so the quick links would read:


Which got me thinking:  as my site grows, each time a change needs to be made, I don't want to update each page.    Furthermore, when I want to copy this site to another site for another class I'm teaching, I don't want to manually touch each page again.


Is there a way using html code or something so that I can create a master object or section of these quick links and have each page reference that template?   That way, if a change needs to be made, I can change the master once and the change would propagate to all pages that have this?