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Transfer from old Question Banks to new ITEM banks?!?

Question asked by Julliana Lund on Aug 9, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2020 by Stephen Simpson

I am attempting to import questions from a Question Bank in a previous course in to an ITEM BANK in a new course. So, basically I want to update all my quizzes from the old Quizzes to the new Quizzes.Next.


What I've come up with is to create a new quiz that pulls all of the questions from the question bank (say 20 questions), and export and/or import that quiz as a QTI file to the new course.


I have done so, and while I can see the quiz in the new course, it is still under the old Quiz style and when I click on the question bank (under the questions tab) it takes me to the original question bank in the old course, not a new question bank (or preferably ITEM BANK) in the new course.


Does anyone have any advise on the best way to transfer the actual questions from old courses to new courses and then specifically from old Question Banks to new ITEM BANKS.


I have several hundred questions that need to be transitioned so any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!