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How to make discussions and announcements indicate that I posted them

Question asked by Amanda Mahaffey on Aug 9, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2018 by James Jones

Hi there, I'm in my second semester of teaching several online classes with Canvas. I am prepping my fall courses, which were copied from my summer courses. I see that none of my announcements or discussion posts indicate that I posted them. They don't have my name or photo. I noticed this when all my classes were originally copied from D2L for summer, so I reposted everything fresh to correct the problem. I assumed it would all stick after posting the first time. But in my fall courses, I am back to the same problem. Will this continue to happen every semester, in which case I should give up and get used to not being indicated as the poster, or is there something different to be done when copying from semester to semester? Thank you so much for any and all advice!