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Global Grades link vs Grades link in a Course

Question asked by Susan Nugent Expert on Jul 1, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2015 by Erica Ellis

Last year the assignment tab in the global menu had people divided into two camps of thought about it. It was later removed from the global menu, but caused quite an uprising from the people who found the link very useful. It was a part of their workflow and they missed it. I have to say I was in the camp that was happy to see the global assignment link go away. On our campus it caused too much confusion for instructors and students. In the new UI the global menu displays on left along with the course menu when users are in a course. In the InstructureCon Release Notes (2015-06-17) a lot of people pointed out that this may confuse users. Currently the only value I see for global grades link is that instructors have access to the interaction report. For students the page just creates a list of courses with their current grade in each. So I am wondering just how useful the global grades are to instructors and students at your institutions? And for Canvas people what was thought behind having a global grade link?