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Outcomes and Banks in Quizzes.Next

Question asked by Brian Bennett on Aug 13, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2019 by Jeanne Samuel

I'm working on creating help videos for Quizzes.Next for my teachers and I've run into an issue with Quizzes.Next and aligning outcomes. As I'm playing, existing banks or outcomes don't seem to appear in the new quiz builder.



I started by creating a couple of Question Banks in the original quiz editor. I also imported Account-level Outcomes and then created a couple of Course level Outcomes. I then linked those to the Question Banks I created earlier. Then, I created a new assignment using Quizzes.Next. 



I expected to be able to pull questions and link outcomes from the exiting banks and Outcomes. I'm running into a couple of different problems.


Question Banks

These seem to be created separately from Course-level banks by Quizzes.Next. This poses a problem as several teachers in our institution already have Question Banks created. I know I can migrate quizzes to the new format and sort questions into new banks, but it would be nice to be able to access those resources which already exist.


Additionally, these item banks are now harder to find because you have to either A) enter an existing quiz to modify banks, or B) start an empty quiz to access and modify banks.



There are two problems with Outcomes right now:

  1. When aligning an Outcome to a Quizzes.Next assignment, the Outcome picker doesn't show at all at the Quiz level (top) or at the question level (individually).
  2. Clicking on Item Banks at the top, I can create a bank and get the Outcome picker to appear, but it only includes Account-level Outcomes, not the Outcomes created at the Course level.

I know these menus are specifically labeled as Institution Outcomes, but again - we have several users creating their own Outcomes because the Institution defaults use a different scale or language that teachers want to modify for students.


Gif showing outcome and bank problems in quizzes next


I may be missing something and I know this is still a new tool. Any guidance on any of these problems?