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Restricting video access when assignment is locked.

Question asked by THERESA DELONG on Aug 14, 2018
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We were exploring using ARC to record exams for oral exam administration.

A teacher on our campus made a sandbox course and created an assignment including an ARC video that reads the assessment. She assigned it to other teachers enrolled as test students in the course. The assignment had an available window for the assessment that concluded last Friday. The test students can still see the video even though the assessment itself shows locked.

Someone mentioned that it may be due to the fact that we are teachers (even though we were students in the sandbox course), so she enrolled her daughter, who is a student in our district. She then logged in as her daughter and was still able to play the video. This obviously won't work for testing purposes unless we can lock the video access when we lock the assignment.

Is there a way to utilize ARC for oral admin, but hide the video when the assignment is locked?

ARC is hidden from navigation by students in that course.

Thank you!