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Help getting started with grade transferral

Question asked by Richard Bright on Aug 15, 2018

Okay, our district is just getting our feet wet with Canvas grades into IC.  So, of course, I have a few questions.

Here is the biggest one so far

  • We are using SGR grading and have set up a rubric to grade student work, will those individual pieces of grade be transferred to IC or only the total grade?
  • What part of the category names need to match?  We also use Tableau reporting for our admin team.
  • Do the grades need to be in the same order?
  • What if we don't grade a certain standard on a project.  I grade in 3 areas Design, Production, Technical Application. What if I don't want to grade Design when students do a canned tutorial?  Do I put in a zero for the Design section of the rubric and just alter my numbers for the grades in IC?


Thank you for your help


Rich Bright