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Ability to move outcomes from one sub-account to another?

Question asked by Melissa Thomas on Aug 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2019 by Donald Schumacher

Does anyone have experience with using Outcomes at the sub-account level and then shifting/moving outcomes after a sub-account restructuring?


In Fall 2015, when we first adopted Canvas our School of Education embraced Outcomes and setup Outcome groups and outcomes at various sub-account levels.  As of Fall 2018, the university has restructured and our School of Education now has four new department levels. I'm looking for any insight on how to "move" the Outcomes from one sub-account to another sub-account.


For example we have an outcome group associated with the CAEP accrediting body.  The structure in the past was:


  • School of Education
    • Education (CAEP Outcomes were here)
    • Health and Sport Sciences


Now we have a sub-account structure of:


  • School of Education (Need CAEP Outcomes to Move to this Sub-Account)
    • Education (OLD Sub-Account that will be retired but has the CAEP Outcomes)
    • Early and Elementary Education
    • Secondary and Physical Education
    • Education Leadership and Graduate Studies


The CAEP Outcomes need to be at the School of Education level.  


I have looked into the export and import options for Outcomes, but that really does not allow us to reuse existing outcomes.  I could recreate them using the import method, but then our shared rubrics and information within the course would have to be rebuilt.  


Has anyone else been down this road?  Appreciate all thoughts and advice.