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API - Set a students enrollment to 'inactive'

Question asked by Jeremiah Ellington on Aug 15, 2018
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I'm attempting to 'drop' students from courses through the Canvas API. Currently when I run my drop php code the student is marked as 'Completed' but I would like to set the student as 'Inactive'.


I'm trying to follow the documentation for Conclude, deactivate, or delete an enrollment and pass the inactivate task. I believe the GUI option for this is 'Deactivate'.


Enrollments - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation 


$response = $client->request('DELETE', 'api/v1/courses/'.$course_id.'/enrollments/'.$enrollment_id ,

                                        'headers' => $headers,
                                        'body' => json_encode($enroll_array),


I'm not sure i'm reading the Docs correctly on how to provide the 'task' for this endpoint. The json body looks like this:



Thank you for your assistance!


Jeremiah Ellington

Holy Names University