Jennifer Campbell

Help with a semester long project?

Discussion created by Jennifer Campbell on Aug 15, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2018 by Stefanie Sanders

I am looking for the best way(s) to manage an assignment that has multiple checks via canvas. This is a scope and sequence creation project for grade K-5 music that takes place over almost the entire semester. Students are in pairs or threes and they all work on the same document. I check the rough drafts and leave comments/corrections and then students have until the midterm and then the end of the semester to complete their final drafts. In the past I have manage this via Google Docs. Where students share the document among themselves and then can edit in real time together or digitally in their own schedules. They share their docs with me and I check in on a weekly basis to see what has/has not be completed. Then I had them each individually submit the final products at midterm and at final respectively. The hiccups of Google Docs is: 1. the mess of me finding everyone's doc and 2. going back to LMS to give participation for on-time submissions (I did this through a single participation grade that increased each week in the LMS). It works but it is cumbersome. Are there ways in Canvas to do this better? Are there ways to utilize the Google Drive interface in Canvas assignments to make this easier? What about Canvas Groups? I am newbie to Canvas on a time crunch! Thanks for all the support!