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K-12 Teachers covering classes for other teachers

Question asked by Michael Green on Aug 15, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2019 by Michael Green

How do others deal with the use case of teachers needing to occasionally or temporarily access a Canvas course in the scenario they are covering for another teacher? Another similar scenario is a head English teacher having visibility of all English courses. I can't seem to find any good options for this and curious how others do this. Things I thought of in brainstorming this:

  • Add all teachers as TA's on courses they may cover for: This is possible but really going to clutter up the courses membership. At the moment its viable because Canvas is standalone but we might integrate with our SIS and this will be less viable.
  • Add teachers as teacher or TA on an as-needed basis when covering class: Possible, but now we have extra work as admins adding/removing teachers from courses when these scenarios come up.
  • Tell them they can't access Canvas course when covering for another teacher and cover the lesson without Canvas: Probably mostly what happens now anyway but less viable as we push more to relying on Canvas for lesson planning.
  • Give teachers access to Admin tab to view all courses: Really not what Admin Accounts are supposed to be used for. It seems we could create another admin role to just view courses, but the only other permission is full add/edit/delete on courses is the only way to give teachers visibility on all courses in the system and something I'm not willing to do.


I can't think of any other possibilities and none of the above seems like very good options. How do you do this in your environment? Appreciate any feedback in advance.