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Delayed unlocking of quizzes

Question asked by Jeff Sellers on Aug 17, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2018 by Jeff Sellers

First year Canvas user.  Today I gave a quiz on Canvas.  I had it timed to go out at 8:25AM.  First mistake was that I had it locked, so it while it showed up, students couldn't access it.  So I unlocked it.  After unlocking, it went out to about 16-17 students.  However, I had about 5-6 students who were still locked out.  After about 3 minutes, it unlocked the quiz for them.  I watched them refresh repeatedly in that 3 minute period.  I checked the time on their devices...all the same as students who had started the quiz....Question---is this a regular problem, or am I just that incompetent that I can magically put 5-6 users on a 3 minute delay?

Any ideas, or has anyone experienced this issue?  Frustrating to say the least.