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Test Weighted Averages

Question asked by Tom Alway on Aug 16, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2018 by Tom Alway

I have an unusual situation regarding weighted averages.  I understand how to setup groups with weighted averages for assignments.  Recently I had an instructor approach me and was trying to do that but with a twist.  He conducts three exams throughout the course of the term.  The three exams are worth 60% of the final grade.  However, the instructor wants the student's highest score of the three exams to be weighted at 30% of the 60%, the second highest score to be weighted at 20% of the 60% and the lowest score to be weighted at 10% of the 60%.  These are three separate exams, not three attempts at the same exam.  Is this possible in Canvas or should I recommend that he use a spreadsheet to keep track of the grade and then manually enter it into Canvas?


Thank you for your assistance.