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Changing Blueprint (BP) locked items

Question asked by Wan Fareed on Aug 16, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2018 by Wan Fareed

Hello Community,


I need advice on the following please.



We use BP and the setting is as screenshot below. In our institution we allow students who missed the quizzes to appeal. If the appeal is successful, we will amend the date and allow only the particular students to access the quiz. This means, after the amendment, students who did not appeal will no longer have access to the quiz except for the successful appeal cases.



My inquiries

I need advise on the effective way to achieve this. What I have in mind is to amend the BP setting to uncheck the "Due Dates" and "Availability Dates" options (see screenshot below)


With this setting:


  1. Should I need to update the quiz and sync to the associated courses, will the change be effected onto the associated courses? Because my understanding is that sync will not affect the unlocked items and in this case I assumed the 'Quizzes' is now only  'partially' locked.
  2. Also with above new setting, I can add a new 'Assign' section and define who to assign this to with all the new date setting (screenshot below).

Does this sound workable? Advices please. Thank you